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11 October 2017

Techlan wins Opportunity to Exhibit at INNOVATE 2017

Techlan Wins Opportunity to Exhibit at INNOVATE 2017

Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency. It works with people, companies and partner organisations to find and drive the science and technology innovations that deliver productivity, new jobs and exports. Since 2007 it has committed over £1.8 billion to innovation and helped more than 7,600 organisations with projects estimated to add more than £11.5 billion to the UK economy and create 55,000 new jobs.

INNOVATE 2017 is the UK’s leading innovation event being held at the NEC on 8 & 9 November. Over two days it brings the brightest and boldest of UK innovators together to share, excite, and inspire businesses, individuals and governments to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

TECHLAN is pleased to announce that it has been selected from over 300 applicants to display and promote its unique cleaning technology at the exhibition.

This is a major accolade for Techlan that recognises the potential contribution that its technology can make to the environment. The innovative Techlan process for surface cleaning of substrates is a perfect model for the Circular Economy giving second or third life to materials so contributing to more sustainable processes and reducing manufacturing costs.

The Techlan process is currently focused upon silicone release papers and release films. These are frequently used just once in manufacturing processes or as a disposable carrier for adhesive backed products. It results in high costs and the generation of waste that is very difficult to dispose of.

The Techlan process offers a unique solution. It cleans these papers by removing any surface contamination. It does not degrade the quality or surface characteristics of the cleaned substrate. It is environmentally friendly, low cost and low energy.

For the organisations generating the waste release paper it slashes their disposal costs and enables them to fully comply with their Environmental Management Systems, to improve sustainability and so contribute towards the goal of zero waste.

The cleaned release paper is converted to reel or sheet format to the width and length specification of Techlan customers.

For the purchasers of the silicone release paper it significantly reduces their raw material costs and their environmental impact through substitution with high quality recycled paper for virgin product.

On the supply side Techlan is interested in meeting organisations that have problems disposing of used silicon release papers and films .On the sales side Techlan is seeking to identify new customers for its high quality, low cost silicone release paper.

Techlan has received significant support from the Welsh Government and WRAP Cymru and is delighted to now have support extended to it by Innovate UK.

Visit Innovate 2017 at the NEC in Birmingham on Nov 8th and 9th or for more information contact Mark Thompson on 01792 366999 or visit