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13 June 2024

Techlan secures up to £200,000 funding through SMART FIS Grant

Techlan Secures Funding to Drive Innovation and Sustainability in the Release Liner Industry

Techlan is pleased to announce the approval of its grant funding application from the SMART Flexible Innovation Support (SMART FIS) Programme. This prestigious grant, aimed at fostering innovation and sustainable growth in Welsh businesses, empowers Techlan to lead the development of ground-breaking products and services in the release liner industry.

Innovation lies at the heart of Techlan’s success. The SMART FIS Programme supports Welsh businesses, research organisations, academia, and public and third sector bodies. It plays a pivotal role in developing Research, Development, and Innovation (RD&I) capabilities and capacities. This initiative promotes sustainable growth across Wales.

The SMART FIS Programme is dedicated to achieving “Innovation Excellence.” It helps develop comprehensive Innovation Plans and proposals by collaborating with a team of specialists. They offer expertise, consulting, and funding. With this support, Techlan will create a revolutionary product. This product will enable manufacturing companies to significantly reduce costs and their CO2 impact.

Techlan’s new product will transform the manufacturing landscape. By investing in Re-Liner, companies can demonstrate a strong commitment to environmental responsibility. They position themselves as leaders in sustainability. This strategic decision not only provides a competitive edge but also ensures compliance with evolving regulatory requirements. Additionally, it meets the increasing consumer demand for eco-friendly products.

Techlan’s 100% recycled silicone release papers and films help businesses reduce their CO2 footprint. They contribute to the creation of more sustainable products. By adopting Re-Liner, companies can directly diminish their environmental impact and align themselves with global sustainability goals.

Techlan extends its gratitude to the Welsh Government for their unwavering support. This grant underscores the thriving principles of the circular economy and innovation within Wales. As a global leader in Circular Economy manufacturing, Techlan is thrilled to receive this invaluable support. It reinforces our dedication to advancing sustainable practices and pioneering environmentally conscious solutions in the manufacturing sector.

If you want to find out more about Techlan’s sustainable products, please visit or contact us directly on 01792 366 999.