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15 June 2020

Techlan receives additional Capital Funding Support for Circular Economy Manufacturing

Techlan receives additional Capital Funding Support for Circular Economy Manufacturing

Techlan is delighted to announce that it has received additional capital funding support from WRAP Cymru via the Wales Circular Economy Fund.

The fund was introduced in April 2019 to support the use of recycled materials by manufacturers in Wales. Support has now been widened and it can now also support preparation for re-use, refurbishment and re-manufacturing activities in Wales. This includes the production of sustainable goods to aid the global fight against corona virus, such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

The funding will enable Techlan to invest in additional conversion equipment that will increase the number of re-uses that can be achieved from its recycled release liner.

Techlan receives waste rolls of silicone release liner into its site in Swansea, which it then cleans using its patented technology. It does not destroy the waste release liner; it simply cleans both sides allowing it to be re-used. The process uses no water or chemicals and is very energy efficient.

The recycled release liner is then slit and converted to size allowing it be re-used once again into either the same or another product. The recycled product can 100% replace a prime grade release liner, it is significantly more economic and has a positive environmental impact

It is supplied on an open loop basis to new customers, or on a closed loop back to the original user.

Techlan has established an efficient supply and collection service for a number of its closed loop customers. It delivers the recycled release liner to the customer and at the same time collects the waste rolls for the return journey. These rolls are then cleaned and converted once again, ready to be re-supplied back as further feedstock.

Each time Techlan re-works the liner the edges need to be trimmed off to ensure flat, bookend reels are supplied to the customer. Previously, up to 30mm each side of the roll would need to be trimmed off for every re-use.

The new conversion equipment will allow Techlan to trim off only a minimal amount each side of the roll, which increases the amount of useable liner that can be supplied and increases the number of re-uses.

Techlan’s largest closed loop customer is currently achieving four re-uses of the same release liner until it becomes too narrow to use in their process.

This is a remarkable achievement in itself, however the new investment will allow an incredible EIGHT re-uses of the same release liner!

The customer benefits from further cost reductions and there is an even greater positive environmental impact.

Techlan is the perfect example of a Circular Economy business and product.

Organisations of any size, which are operating in Wales, may apply for a capital grant to invest in infrastructure and equipment for eligible circular activities. Small Scale grants are now available from £6,000 to €200,000 (the maximum de minimis threshold) and Large Scale grants are available from €200,000 to £750,000.

For further information please contact 01792 36699 or email

Techlan has been supported by WRAP Cymru ( and the Welsh Government since it was first started in 2009.