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31 October 2019

Techlan launch thinnest ever grade of recycled release liner

Techlan is pleased to announce that it has added a further product to its growing portfolio of recycled release liners. The newest grade is the thinnest grammage of liner currently being produced by Techlan.

The liner is a single sided glassine with a standard release, suitable for many applications including the labeling industry. The liner is available in both white and yellow and in widths from 25mm up to 350mm.

This is quite a milestone for Techlan as historically it has produced heavier gauge liners, but it is now responding to a combination of customer demand combined with versatility in its cleaning technology that allows it to produce thinner substrates.

Significant demand for more environmentally manufactured and sustainable products has allowed Techlan greater opportunities for its liner and demand is only set to continue.

Techlans recycled release liner can completely replace a prime grade liner and has the unique advantage of not only being recycled and therefore more sustainable, it can also generate significant cost savings, without compromising on any quality.

Very short lead times are particularly attractive to many customers. Prime grade release liner can have lead times of many months, during which time a significant number of market changes can take place. Techlan’s lead-time is 4 weeks and it also holds liner in stock for immediate supply.

If you are interested in receiving further information on this new grade or any other of its recycled release liners then please contact:

Mark Thompson on 01792 366999 or email: or visit