Recycled Silicone Release Paper

Helping companies reduce their carbon footprint

18 February 2019

Techlan is Expanding!!

Techlan is delighted to announce its plans to expand the business in 2019. Thanks to an increase in demand for its 100% recycled silicone release liner, Techlan has made the decision to take on an additional warehousing to meet demand requirements.

This additional warehouse space will not only enable Techlan to process more of its recycled release liners to fulfil more orders, it will also accommodate its most recent capital investment: a larger sheeting machine. The sheeting equipment improves its production capacity, further reduces lead times for its customers and enables Techlan to produce larger sheets of up to 1,500mm in width.

Techlan hopes this expansion means it can convert more companies to save on their purchasing costs and significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Techlan was established in 2009 and then followed a four-year research and development programme during which it developed an innovative process for recycling and producing high-quality silicone release liners.

The recycled silicone release liners that Techlan manufactures can completely replace a prime grade liner for use in many different industries, processes and products.  Its recycled liner has the unique advantage of being able to generate significant cost savings over prime grade release liners, without compromising on quality.  Furthermore, it has very short lead times in comparison with prime grade and it holds liners in stock for immediate dispatch. A further benefit is that Techlan can also supply small or large quantities, with the minimum order being only 250sqm.

Techlan was created to solve the problem of waste silicone release liners created as a by-product from manufacturing processes. Traditionally these release liners have been very costly to dispose of via landfill or incineration.  It solved this problem by developing an innovative low-cost, low-energy process to recycle the liners which gives the release liner a second – and, in some cases, a third use. A perfect example of a Circular Economy product and business.

Techlan produces a truly innovative recycled release liner with a wide variety of benefits for both its customers and the waste producers, both of whom will need to adhere to ever tightening legislation around waste management and the environment.

For more information please contact: or call 01792 366999.