Recycled Silicone Release Paper

Helping companies reduce their carbon footprint

30 October 2017

Techlan invited to present at BASA (British Adhesives & Sealants Association) Sustainability event.

Techlan is pleased to announce that it has been invited by BASA (British Adhesives and Sealants Association), to make a presentation at their forthcoming sustainable development event.

The presentation entitled, “Recycled Silicone Release Paper” will be given by Mark Thompson, Techlan MD.

Mark will describe Techlan’s exciting innovative new process for recycling release paper waste generated by manufacturing processes and from adhesive backed products. It is a perfect example of the Circular Economy Model giving multiple use to materials that were previously used once and then discarded as waste.

A win win solution for the waste generator and the user of the recycled paper.

For the organisations generating the release paper waste it slashes their disposal costs and enables them to fully comply with their Environmental Management Systems, to improve sustainability and so contribute towards the goal of zero waste.

For the purchasers of the release paper it significantly reduces their raw material costs. The cleaned paper is converted to reel or sheet format to the width and length specification of the customer. It substitutes high quality recycled paper for virgin product so lowering costs and having a positive environmental impact.

BASA is the the voice for the adhesives industry, supporting its members by representing and promoting the industry, offering guidance on technical and compliance issues, providing networking opportunities for members and providing members with support services.

The event will take place at Croner House, Wheatfield Way, Hinckley, Leicestershire, LE10  on 9th November.

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