Recycled Silicone Release Paper​

Helping companies reduce their carbon footprint

27 March 2015

Techlan invests €70,000 in web inspection system

Techlan has installed a new web inspection system on its recycled silicone release paper manufacturing line. The system is able to identify faults, defects and contaminants down to a particle size of 175microns and will enable Techlan to certify the cleanliness and quality of all its release papers.
Techlan supplies a recycled silicone release paper as its main product, but can also now provide a certified recycling service to manufacturers using release papers and process liners.
Mark Thompson, Head of Innovation explains,” During the manufacturing of sticky products, release papers, or process liners as they are sometimes referred to, are used to prevent the product from adhering during the process. These papers are used once and then considered waste, due to product contamination still left on the surface. This is a very costly and wasteful use of resources.
At Techlan we offer a sustainable solution. We receive the rolls of release paper / process liner to our site in Swansea where they are sent through our innovative cleaning process to remove any residual manufacturing contaminant. The release paper is then converted and packaged, before being supplied back to the original user for a second or third use. The new inspection system will enable us to certify the cleanliness of the release papers in accordance with each customers requirements.”
The manufacturer can achieve at least two uses from the same release paper / process liner. This significantly reduces the cost and consumption of virgin papers.
“Our processing costs are much cheaper than the price of virgin paper, so manufacturers experience a certified sustainable solution for their waste combined with significant cost savings and a major reduction in their carbon footprint.”
Techlan also sells its recycled release papers into many different industry types and applications. Consumers can experience significant cost and environmental benefits by using a recycled release paper.
The € 70,000 euro’s investment is Techlan’s second major investment in less than 12months. It was supported by WRAP Cymru who have assisted Techlan for a number of years though its development and progression into mainstream production.
Techlan offers a sustainable approach to the release paper industry and is looking to develop its products and services throughout the UK and Europe during 2015.