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08 March 2019

Techlan gets Patent Granted!

Techlan’s Recycling Process for Waste Silicone Release Liners has Patent Granted.

Techlan was recently granted a patent on its cleaning process for waste silicone release liners (SRL). This means that this significant waste by-product in the composites industry can now be given a new lease of life, therefore reducing its environmental impact.

Until now, the SRL’s have been very difficult to recycle and dispose of it a way that is environmentally friendly, safe and secure. Techlan has developed a solution to this problem.

Composite prepregs are generally produced in a two-stage process: The first stage involves coating a thin film of heated resin onto a SRL substrate. A reinforcement fibre is then introduced and allowed to interact in the prepreg machine. On application of pressure and heat, the resin is impregnated into the fibre resulting in the final prepreg, which is ultimately wound on to a core. The SRL substrate becomes a waste by-product and is normally sent to landfill or incineration due to the resin contamination and damage in the paper.

Techlan gives the SRL substrate a longer lifecycle by means of giving it a second, and sometimes, third use. Thanks to years of research and development, Techlan has patented an innovative way of recycling SRL that is low-cost and energy efficient, converting them into a 100% recycled raw material for re-use.

This recycling service reduces disposal costs for the composites manufacturer and assists towards their target for zero waste to landfill, contributing towards a circular economy.

It should be noted that manufacturers have sometimes inadvertently exported these wastes overseas (e.g. to China) without their knowledge thereby falling foul of their waste producer’s duty of care responsibility and potentially risking legal action. Many of these overseas markets are now closing their doors to these waste streams meaning that they need to go to landfill if they cannot be recycled. Techlan solves these issues through providing a safe, secure and fully traceable disposal option.

Techlan’s recycled SLR also has many benefits for its customers.

It’s liner is supplied into an array of different markets ranging from adhesive coating applications, printing and graphics, labels and also back into the composite industry.

Whilst being a better environmental option, Techlan’s recycled release liner also make good commercial sense, being up to 50% cheaper than their virgin counterparts, delivering similar or better performance and reducing lead times from several months to only four weeks.  Some product grades are even available for immediate dispatch. It also has a very low minimum order quantity of only 250square metres, or it can supply 10,000’s of sqm.

So if you are looking for a more cost-effective, high performing and environmentally responsible solution, please contact Mark Thompson on 01792 36699 or email

Techlan has received significant support from the Welsh Government and from WRAP (Cymru)