Recycled Silicone Release Paper​

Helping companies reduce their carbon footprint

04 March 2021

Techlan creates partnership with Beardow Adams

At Techlan we are constantly looking to improve the green credentials surrounding our recycled products and to collaborate with like-minded organizations that deliver innovative, sustainable solutions for their customers.

We are now producing over 20 different grades of our 100% recycled silicone release liner (Re-LinerTM) for use in a wide range of industry sectors ranging from E-commerce packaging, to automotive and graphics. We also help companies that generate waste silicone release liners by implementing cost-saving recycling systems that divert waste liner from landfill to our recycling site in Swansea.

Recently we have teamed up with Beardow Adams – a global adhesive manufacturer whose eco-minded portfolio includes hot-melt adhesivespallet stabilisation solutionsreturnable pallets, paper bag alternatives and alkali washable glues.

Beardow Adams produces a wide range of products for the adhesives sector. Most recently, the company has introduced a vegan grade and high bio-based content options for its customers.

Adhesives and release liners are very different products that perform their individual functions, however they are intrinsically linked together through surface contact.

Our Re-LinerTM grades COV / R / 57 / 1 / HON and GT / T / 100 / 1 / WH have been extensively tested and are certified for use with Beardow Adams’ high bio-based adhesive Pressen™ 1968 as well as Pressen™ 2362. These products are used in flexible and e-commerce applications such as the self-adhesive closure strip used on cardboard multimedia packaging.

When combining Techlan’s circular economy Re-LinerTM with Beardow Adams’ bio-based adhesives, this delivers a sustainable solution for the customer, which significantly reduces their environmental impact.

Techlan is excited to be working with a company that shares the same environmental outlook and continues to deliver eco friendly products to the market place.