Release the potential for change

Climate change is widely recognised as the single greatest threat to our existence. 

67% Co2 Saving
on Re-LinerTM

At a time when the UK is playing a leading role in the global drive to achieve Net Zero, Re-LinerTM can create Co2 savings of 670kgs / 1000kgs consumed.

Re-LinerTM is a 100% recycled release paper with sustainability at its core. It can significantly reduce the carbon footprint of your products and directly assist in your journey toward net zero.

We are the first generation to feel the effects of climate change and the last who can act to reverse it.

The manufacturing process of traditional release papers and films are quite literally adding to this crisis, and we want to change that.

The aim of net zero is to strike a balance between emissions produced and emissions removed, effectively creating a state where the overall impact on the climate is neutral or even positive.

Achieving net zero is a vital step in combating climate change and transitioning to a more sustainable and low-carbon future.
Re-LinerTM generates a measurable carbon reduction to your product range and significantly reduces your environmental impact.

Solar Power
Solar power is a clean and sustainable energy source that does not emit greenhouse gases or air pollutants during its operation.

We are a low carbon company that uses clean solar energy as our primary source of power for manufacturing Re-LinerTM

Reducing Co2 is a primary objective and we are constantly striving to reduce carbon impact throughout our supply chain and manufacturing operations.


Energy Consumption: The paper and pulp industry is amongst the top five most energy-intensive industries globally and is positioned as the fourth-largest industrial energy user. It accounts for 6% of global industrial energy consumption.


Emissions: The production of paper and the associated processes contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) estimates that the paper and pulp industry is responsible for about 1% of global greenhouse gas emissions.

10 litres

Water Consumption: It takes about 10 litres of water to produce a single A4-sheet of paper, depending on the mill. The pulp and paper industry is the single largest industrial consumer of water in Western countries.

Today's release paper for tomorrow's generation

Sustainability is more than just the impact of release paper manufacturing; it is about wider environmental issues that we need to address today.

Over 2,000 tonnes of Co2 prevented from entering our atmosphere.

Techlan has helped hundreds of companies reduce their environmental impact and save costs, by diverting over 3,500 tonnes of waste release paper away from landfill and recycling it into Re-LinerTM.