Recycled Silicone Release Paper

Helping companies reduce their carbon footprint

14 November 2022


We are pleased to announce that Techlan’s MD, Mr. Mark Thompson, will be a guest speaker at the forthcoming Recomp conference which is due to be held at the Advanced Materials Manufacturing Research Centre, Sheffield. The event will take place over two days on Wednesday, 23rd and Thursday, 24th November 2022.

Recomp is the conference to attend if you want to learn more about the available options for sustainable management of waste and end-of life composite materials. It will be the biggest event on the topic in Europe this year.

Marks talk is entitled, “How a Circular Economy Recycling System Can Improve the Stability of the Supply Chain”.

It will encompass a case study of how a circular economy system can not only achieve a significant reduction in environmental impact, with measurable Co2 savings, but also highlights how a supply chain can become stronger and more resilient.

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