Circular Economy Innovation

Manufacturing carbon reducing release papers and films

Our Process

Waste silicone release liners are difficult to recycle due to their silicone coating and levels of contamination. Techlan has developed a highly innovative, patented recycling process for the recovery of this form of waste. It is a circular economy solution that allows the release liners to be used again by the same manufacturer or reused back into different industry sectors.

Stage 1: Release Papers Discarded

Silicone release papers are created as waste by-products from production processes, or as waste carriers from the supply of adhesive-backed products. They are often discarded and sent to landfill as they are so difficult to recycle. This is very costly to the manufacturer and has a significant environmental impact. If you would like to reduce your costs and environmental impact, then please contact Techlan for a free site audit. See our waste licences here.

Stage 2: Waste Rolls Collected

Techlan implements an efficient recycling system that diverts the waste release papers away from landfill. The waste rolls are packaged and stored ready for collection. A nationwide collection service is available for as little as 1 pallet and up to full truckloads.

Stage 3: Innovative Cleaning

All waste rolls are processed via Techlan’s innovative cleaning process to remove any contamination and defects. The process is highly energy efficient and uses no water or chemicals.

Stage 4: High Quality Assurance

A strict level of quality assurance ensures high quality Re-LinersTM are supplied each time, every time. Our highly sophisticated web inspection systems monitor each web in real time and provide accurate, reliable data to ensure quality of the highest degree is maintained. For more information please see our quality page here.

Stage 5: Re-LinerTM Conversion

All rolls are converted to the customers required length and width. Re-LinerTM is supplied back to the original customer for re-use or sold into different industry sectors for use in a wide range of products and processes.

See our Case Study on the groundbreaking circular economy system in place at GTS flexibles as they achieve 11 uses from the same release liner.

Please visit our Products page for more information on Re-LinerTM specifications.

Why Choose

Reduction in Carbon Footprint

At a time when the UK is playing a leading role in the global drive to achieve Net Zero, Re-LinerTM can create measurable Co2 savings of 670kgs/1,000kgs consumed.

Short Lead Times

Techlan improves your stock management by regularly liaising with you on your requirements. We operate short lead times of 4-5 weeks on all Re-LinerTM products, with specific grades kept in stock for immediate dispatch.

Quality & Cost

Our high-quality assured Re-LinerTM range can completely replace your existing release liner and you can benefit from outstanding performance, delivered at a competitive price.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is a key focus at Techlan and we consistently outperform the market with regard to response time frame, order quantities, and general service support.