High quality recycled release liners for general applications

Reducing your carbon footprint

We have been supplying our recycled silicone release papers and films for over a decade. Our high-quality assured Re-LinerTM range has excellent lay-flat properties and good dimensional stability to suit a range of applications.

Re-LinerTM Specifications

Single & Double Side Silicone Coated

Release ranges from easy to very tight

Base Substrates: CCK, SCK, Glassines, PEK & Polyester

Gsm range: 60gsm – 130gsm

Micron range: 38micron – 90 micron


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    Re-LinerTM can be supplied in both roll and sheet format

    Roll Products

    Re-LinerTM can be supplied in master reel format, or slit to your required width and length.

    • Minimum Width: 20mm
    • Maximum Width: 1,600mm
    • Small order quantities
    • Short lead times
    • Stock grades available for next day delivery

    Sheeted Products

    Re-LinerTM can also be supplied in sheet format, cut to your required size.

    • Ream wrapped in a pack size of your choosing
    • Options to supply bulk packaged on a pallet
    • Small order quantities
    • Sheets held in stock for next day delivery


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      Supply Chain: General Applications

      Silicone Release Paper (Re-LinerTM) uses in the supply chain for general applications.

      During the manufacturing of sticky products, process release liners are often used as a material layer to prevent the outer surface prematurely adhering to itself or other surfaces.

      Release Liners are used in the preparation of art materials and craft creations when using sticky substances.

      Release liners can be used in a wide variety of applications, whenever you have a sticky issue, Re-Liners can assist and ensure smooth operations of your process and product manufacturing.

      Embracing Sustainability

      The demand for sustainability in all sectors has been amplified intensely over the past decade, and it is now a narrative that no business cannot afford to ignore. Achieving true sustainability requires in depth examination of all the raw materials in the supply chain that are used to manufacture products.

      If you are using silicone release papers, or considering using them, then Re-LinerTM can assist you in decarbonising your products and fulfilling your journey toward net zero.