High quality recycled silicone release liners for the automotive sector

Reducing your carbon footprint

We have been supplying our recycled silicone release papers and films to the automotive sector for over a decade. Our high-quality assured Re-LinerTM range has excellent lay-flat properties and a variety of differential ranges to suit a wide range of automotive products.

Re-LinerTM Specifications

Single & Double Side Silicone Coated

Release ranges from easy to very tight

Base Substrates: CCK, SCK, Glassines, PEK & Polyester

Gsm range: 60gsm – 130gsm

Micron range: 38micron – 90 micron


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    Re-LinerTM can be supplied in both roll and sheet format

    Roll Products

    Re-LinerTM can be supplied in master reel format, or slit to your required width and length.

    • Minimum Width: 20mm
    • Maximum Width: 1,600mm
    • Small order quantities
    • Short lead times
    • Stock grades available for next day delivery

    Sheeted Products

    Re-LinerTM can also be supplied in sheet format, cut to your required size.

    • Ream wrapped in a pack size of your choosing
    • Options to supply bulk packaged on a pallet
    • Small order quantities
    • Sheets held in stock for next day delivery


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      Supply Chain: Automotive

      Silicone Release Paper (Re-LinerTM) uses in the automotive supply chain

      Re-LinersTM are employed in adhesive tapes and films used for bonding automotive components, attaching trim, mounting emblems, or securing interior materials.

      Re-LinersTM are utilised with foam pads and gaskets that are placed between automotive parts to provide cushioning, reduce vibrations, and seal gaps.

      In automotive painting processes, Re-LinersTM are used to protect adhesive surfaces, coatings, or finishes during painting and other surface treatment applications.
      Re-LinersTMare commonly used in the production of automotive graphics and decals. The graphics are applied with adhesive, and the release liner is peeled off during installation.
      Sound dampening materials used to reduce noise and vibrations in vehicles often have Re-LinersTM to protect the adhesive side until they are ready for installation.

      Automotive weatherstrips and seals, which create a barrier against moisture and air, may use release liners during manufacturing and assembly.

      Some convertible roofs and soft tops use Re-LinersTM in their adhesive components for installation and assembly.

      Sector Transformation

      The automotive sector has recently experienced a significant transformation from traditional petrol-powered engines to electric alternatives. Despite this crucial shift, achieving true sustainability in the automotive industry requires a deeper examination of the raw materials throughout the supply chain used in manufacturing these vehicles.

      The automotive industry acknowledges the importance of embracing sustainability and the sector is undertaking a comprehensive reassessment of its supply chains to become even more environmentally friendly.

      If you are a manufacturer that uses silicone release papers, then Re-LinerTM can assist you in decarbonising your products and fulfilling your journey toward net zero and assisting your automotive customers.