Recycled Silicone Release Paper

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08 June 2020

Circular Economy Release Paper for Moulding Presses

Techlan has launched a new product to add to its increasing portfolio of recycled silicone release liners. This new grade is aimed specifically for use within heated moulding presses.

Release liners are used as a release layer between the product and the surface of the heated press to prevent them sticking together when pressure is applied.

“Techlan’s 100% recycled release liner has good heat resistant properties combined with excellent release characteristics which makes it perfect for this application.” says Managing Director Mark Thompson.

“Furthermore, the release liner is silicone coated on both sides. This is an additional benefit as it removes potential operator error as a release surface is always applied against the product, irrelevant of which way it is placed in to the press.”

The paper is available in widths of up to 1,280mm and can be supplied in roll or sheet form with short lead times and small minimum order quantities.


A Circular Product

Techlan recycles silicone release liners generated as waste from composite manufacturing. It cleans the waste release liner using its patented technology, allowing the liner to be re-used. The process is highly efficient and only uses small amounts of energy and consumables.

The liner is not destroyed or broken down it is simply cleaned and then able to be reused. It is the perfect example of a Circular Economy product.


Circular Benefits

Techlan’s recycled product can 100% replace a prime grade release liner. It is significantly more economic and has a positive environmental impact.

“Furthermore when purchasing prime grade release liner businesses have to order very large minimum order quantities combined with long lead-times of 8-12 weeks. “ explains Mark.

“This results in a large outlay of cash and subsequently having to hold stock for many months on end. I have known customers that were previously buying prime grade liner that would last them up to 18 months, even when demand was high.”

Techlan provides a much more flexible solution by offering small order quantities and a much shorter lead-time of only 4 weeks.

This new product increases Techlan’s portfolio to twenty different grades of recycled liner that are now available in single and double-sided release with grammages ranging from 60-135gsm.

For further information on Techlan and its recycled silicone release liners please call 01792 366999 or contact us

Techlan has received significant support from Welsh Government and WRAP Cymru.