GTS Flexibles is an innovative composite laminate manufacturer based in Ebbw Vale, South Wales.

Our two companies have worked in partnership to create the perfect working model of a circular economy system.

The circular economy is an economic model and framework that aims to redefine how resources are used, consumed and managed. It is a departure from the traditional linear “take-make-dispose” model, which is based on a linear progression from resource extraction to production, consumption, and, ultimately, disposal as waste. It promotes the concept of a closed-loop system, where resources are kept in use for as long as possible, their value is maximized and waste generation is minimized.

Techlan's Circular System

By incorporating Techlan’s cleaning technology in a closed-loop system, both Techlan and GTS Flexibles are helping to reduce waste, conserve resources and contribute to the circular economy. Our efforts contribute to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to production and consumption, which will significantly contribute to a reduction in Co2.

This Circular System has prevented over 160,000kgs of Co2 from entering our atmosphere

Stage 1: Silicone release paper is used during the manufacturing process at GTS

GTS uses silicone release paper as a process aid in their manufacturing process to form their flexible circuits for the EV sector. The silicone release paper is used once and then rewound into rolls after use. Before the circular system was implemented, GTS was achieving a single use from one release paper and then it was discarded to landfill at significant cost and environmental impact.

Stage 2: Waste rolls diverted from landfill

The rolls are now diverted away from the landfill and packaged awaiting collection by Techlan.

All packaging, cores, pallets, cardboard, and plastic film are reused once again ensuring a completely circular system for all materials involved and maximising carbon reduction.

Stage 3: Waste rolls received

Techlan receives the waste rolls into their warehouse where they are inspected for pre-production and initial assessment quality checks are performed.

Stage 4: Innovative Cleaning

The waste release papers are then processed through Techlan’s patented cleaning process, removing all contamination, whilst not damaging the silicone release coating. The process is very energy efficient, and uses only a small amount of consumables and no water or chemicals.

Stage 5: High quality assurance A strict level of quality control is maintained throughout the entire production process, ensuring high quality assured Re-LinerTM is supplied back to GTS for subsequent re-use. Our highly sophisticated web inspection systems monitor each web in real-time and provide accurate, reliable data to ensure the quality of the highest degree is maintained. For more information please see our Quality page 
Stage 6: Re-LinerTM conversion The edges of all rolls are slit to create perfect book end rolls which are then wound to the required length under the correct tension. Techlan has the capability to wind on 3” or 6” cores.
Stage 7: Circular System Re-LinerTM is then supplied back to GTS for use once again. All packaging is delivered on the same truck and deliveries coincide with waste collections to ensure minimal environmental impact. The system is achieving a staggering eleven uses from the same release paper.

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